Maybe some of you keep wondering why we have to learn English writing, since English writing is not frequently used in our daily life. However, this misconception has given rise to your less willingness to embody your writing concept. Knowing this dilemma as an abnormal situation for you as English learners, I feel the need of comprehensively accounting for why you have to be equipped with good and competent English writing skill so that you are not to remain ignorant of the importance of escalating your ability in the domain of English writing.

A good writing skill can help secure lots of homage derived from others, for it is a time-consuming and relatively difficult task to prevail over English writing. This is in part as a result of its intricate English grammars and countless vocabularies involved. Thus, those who are devoid of both patience and perseverance are fairly likely to withdraw from what they do, namely, learning how to write English composition. This also does not seem to be an uncommon phenomenon among students today, for they are best known for their fragility when encountering their ordeals, especially in the domain of English writing. As a consequence, those who are able to stick to their pursuit of competent or superior English writing skill are to be interpreted as wiser or more intellectual, followed by the emergence of their respect stemming from the bottom of their hearts. Provided you long to be more acclaimed by others, learning how to write more effectively perhaps can make your dream a reality.

The more you are adept at English writing skill, the more likely you are to be assigned a much more important working position. This is precisely because any issue completed by mutual dialogues or any substantial business conference must be in turn written as a legal document as the concrete evidence of their agreement reached. Thus, it is plain to see how important it is for you to equip yourselves with relatively good English writing skill that can help secure your personal competitive advantage as opposed to your rivals in the same office. One simple but persuasive example can offer you a good, persuasive illustration. That is, there are numerous teachers able to teach English grammars; however, few of them are able to undertake the job as a teacher for English writing. That is why a person equipped with superior English writing skill is to be highly valued for certain.

There is little doubt that anyone involved in academic pursuit is going to rely heavily on his competent English writing skill to accomplish his academic goal. Rather than succumbing to the difficulty of English writing, you are supposed to make yourself a competent learner having no difficulty putting English writing at your full mercy. Unless competent in the boundary of English writing, you are bound to be stranded in your trouble in the course of your further academic pursuit. Time-consuming or arduous as it is, learning how to write more effectively can be subdued with the aid of your fortitude, along with your greater expectation for your personal achievement.

In the wake of those three points passed on to you, you must have obtained a much more comprehensive conception as to why I always repeatedly proclaimed the importance of English writing in the past. Indeed, never will I try to send you a misleading message that may possibly keep you derailed. On the contrary, what I like to do most is to shed light on you so well that you are not to be disoriented when in the face of your learning career. It is also my cordial expectation that all the three points mentioned above be fully remembered so that you are going to be accessible to those benefits derived from them.